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Pre-balanced hydroponic nutrients usually form the basis of the feeding schedule, but there are times when a grower needs to add specific elements to the hydroponic fertilizer. Whether you use DWC hydroponic nutrients or hydroponic solutions for other mediums, supplementing with certain essential elements at critical stages of the growth cycle can make all the difference.

The result is clear to see in the size and quality of your yield. What’s more, adding just the right supplements to your basic hydro grow nutrients will stimulate microorganisms that in turn provide additional energy for your plant

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5 x House & Garden Shooting Powder - 65gm | Bud Expander | Flowering Stimulator
Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 200ML | Plant Feminiser
Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 50ML | Plant Feminiser
Canna PK 13/14 - 10L | High Yield | Flower Stimulator | Phosphorous | Potassium
Cyco Platinum Series UpSize - 1L | Flower Hardner
DE Essential Soil Conditioner - 10KG | Diatomaceous Earth | Root Enhancer
Emerald Harvest 2-Part Kick Starter Kit - 950ML | Professional Nutrient Series
Emerald Harvest 3-Part Kick Starter Kit - 950ML | Professional Nutrient Series

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