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Hydroponics NFT Channels & Parts

At Hydro Experts, we have the best selection of high-quality hydroponics NFT channels and parts available. Our NFT gullies, end caps, PVC channels and joiners are made from durable materials specifically designed for hydroponic growers. Our NFT system components help growers maximize yields while saving time, water and nutrients. 

Our NFT channels are made from ultraviolet-stabilized PVC to ensure long life, even when exposed to sunlight. They feature embossed water flow grooves to ensure optimal nutrient distribution to your plants' roots. We offer a wide range of NFT channel sizes and lengths to accommodate any scale hydroponic system. 

For clean starts and stops in your NFT system, we offer precision injection molded PVC NFT end caps. They provide a watertight seal to keep nutrients from leaking. Our NFT gullies and joiners allow you to easily connect multiple runs of NFT channels together. They are designed to provide a smooth transition between channels to minimize flow restriction. 

Our Australian-made Sure-Grow NFT system parts are tested in commercial grow operations to ensure they perform year after year. We stand behind the quality of all our hydroponics NFT channels and parts, offering a full warranty and best-in-class customer service. 
Whether you need to build a new hydroponic system from scratch or replace worn parts in your existing setup, Hydro Experts has the NFT channels, gullies, end caps and joiners you need at the best prices available.

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