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Propagation Mediums

Find the ideal propagation medium for your needs at Hydro Experts. We offer a wide selection of Jiffy pellets, Eazy Plug plug systems, Grodan Rockwool Cubes, Root!T cubes and other propagation mediums to help you germinate seeds and take cuttings from your plants. 

Rockwool cubes are an eco-friendly, reusable propagation medium made from basalt rock and recycled steel slag. They provide ideal moisture and aeration for root growth. Jiffy pellets are compressed peat moss pellets that expand when water is added, creating ideal rooting conditions for seeds and cuttings. 

Eazy Plug plug systems use pressed coconut fibres and wood fibres to create a sterile, nutrient-rich environment for roots to thrive. Grodan rock wool cubes are another option, providing seedlings and cuttings with optimal oxygen, water and nutrients for fast growth. Root!T cubes are a mineral wool alternative made from basalt and limestone, perfect for growing seedlings and cuttings in a sterile, well-draining medium. 

Whether you need rock wool, Jiffy pellets, plug systems or another propagation medium, our experts can help you determine which option is best for your specific needs. We carry a wide selection of the industry's leading brands to ensure you find the perfect growing medium for your plants. Contact us today to discuss your propagation requirements.

Propagation Mediums by Category

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ROOT!T (RootIt) Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit - 24 | Seed Tray Propagator


ROOT!T (RootIt) Natural Rooting Sponges - 50 Refill Bag

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