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Propagation Stations

The first week after seeding is crucial for a plant's survival. You have to consider humidity, light, and temperature in order to give your plant a good environment for propagation. So, we have an extensive range of propagation accessories for beginners to easily maintain their growth environment. For experts, we have an ample range of propagation mediums, lights, and accessories designed specifically for the beginning phases of plant growth. Hydroponic Propagation Supplies include cloning solution, cloning gels, trays & humidity domes which are important for growing medium. Heating Mats, clone tents, vegetative propagation, and aeroponic propagation are other products we sell. You can easily grow the parent plant and mother plant using our propagation mediums.

Visit in-store in our Lidcombe warehouse or shop online. Buy over $499 worth of products and get free, fast, and convenient shipping across Australia. Only at HYDRO EXPERTS!!

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Luxx Clone LED - 2 x 18W Strips | IP66 Waterproof | 9000K


TurboKlone T24 Aeroponic Cloning System - 24 Turbo Site Kloners | w/ Dome


ROOT!T (RootIt) Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit - 24 | Seed Tray Propagator

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