Phresh Carbon Filter

Phresh make quality grow room ventilation products for all types of growers, including the Hyper Fan, Stealth Hyperfan, Phresh carbon filters & more. Phresh are the only company to use certified RC 4-8 virgin activated carbon, mined in Australia from large deposits that are millions of years old, tested at a carbon grading lab to assure that every single one of our filters is up to the standard we’d want in our own grow room. The 51% open air custom mesh of our filter design means that our filters are also about half the weight of pelletised filters for ease of placement, whatever your grow room set up. Phresh combined cutting edge laminar blade design and stator technology alongside a digitally controlled electronically commutated motor as well as a touch of our favourite colour.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a huge collection of Phresh filters and fans such as original phat Phresh Air Activated Carbon Filters, Hyper Fan of different sizes, Acoustic Duct Silencer, In-Line Air Carbon Filter, and many more.

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