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Garden Trellis Netting

Get the best garden trellis netting for your climbing plants from Hydro Experts. Whether you need Hydro Axis Scrog Netting for your cannabis grow, Sea Hawk Scrog Netting to support tomatoes and cucumbers or Mammoth SCROG Net to help melons and squash spread out, we have the perfect trellis net for you. Our Elastic Trellis Netting is made from durable yet flexible materials that will give as your plants grow but return to their original shape. Our wide selection of Trellis Netting comes in various sizes, lengths and mesh spacing to accommodate any of your gardening needs. Our Gorilla Trellis Netting is exceptionally strong and long-lasting, engineered to withstand weathering and wear from wind, rain and sun for years of use supporting even the heaviest yielding plants.

With high-quality Trellis Netting options available, Hydro Experts is your source for the best garden trellis netting to help your climbing plants thrive. Contact us today to discuss which trellis netting option is right for you.

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