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Pond pumps are an essential part of any pond, and we offer a wide selection to choose from. Our submersible pond pumps are perfect for small to medium ponds, and our external pond pumps are ideal for larger ponds.

We also carry a variety of pond fountain pumps to add some visual interest to your pond, as well as utility pumps for general pond maintenance. And if you’re looking for something truly unique, check out our selection of solar-powered pond pumps – they’re a great way to go green and save on energy costs.

As you can see, we have everything you need to create the perfect pond for your home. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


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PondMAX EV1900 Submersible Pump - 12W | Max Flow: 1800L/H
PondMAX EV1910-DC Low Voltage Pump - 13W | Max Flow: 1800L/H
PondMAX EV2900 Submersible Pump - 20W | Max Flow: 3000L/H
PondMAX EV2910-DC Low Voltage Pump - 24W | Max Flow: 2800L/H
PondMAX EV3900 Submersible Pump - 27W | Max Flow: 4000L/H
PondMAX EV3910-DC Low Voltage Pump - 37W | Max Flow: 3800L/H
PondMAX EV4900 Submersible Pump - 45W | Max Flow: 4900L/H
PondMAX EV4910-DC Low Voltage Pump - 45W | Max Flow: 4600L/H
PondMAX PV1200 Water Feature Pump - 30W | Max Flow: 1300L/H

PondMAX PV1200 Water Feature Pump - 30W | Max Flow: 1300L/H

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PondMAX PV1600 Water Feature Pump - 35W | Max Flow: 1900L/H
PondMAX PV2800 Water Feature Pump - 75W | Max Flow: 2700L/H
PondMAX PV650 Water Feature Pump - 22W | Max Flow: 850L/H