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Coco-Perlite Mix

Hydroponic growers rely on innovative growing media like coco coir and perlite mixes for their plants' success. These mixes provide the perfect balance of aeration, drainage and water retention properties to maximize yield and quality of cannabis or vegetable crops. Our coco coir and perlite mixes mimic the natural environment of soil while offering greater control and consistency for growers. 

We carry a variety of premium coco coir and perlite mixes, including Hy-Gen Coirlite, Professor's Nutrient Coco Perlite and Cyco Coco Lite. The coco coir fibers in these blends help retain moisture and supply calcium and other nutrients, while the perlite acts as an aerating agent that helps drain excess water. This balance allows roots to get just the right amount of oxygen and water for optimal growth. 

Our coco coir and perlite mixes are ideal for growing plants hydroponically or in soilless mixtures. The sterile nature of the media helps prevent pathogens from accumulating, and coco coir's natural buffering capacity keeps the root zone pH stable. This results in larger, healthier plants and higher yields. 

Whether you need a standard coco coir and perlite blend or a customized mix tailored for your specific crop, we have the expertise to help you find the right growing media for your hydroponic or soilless system. Contact us today to discuss which coco coir and perlite mix is ideal for your application.

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Q: Why should growers add perlite to their coco mix?


  • Improved Aeration: Coco coir can tend to become compacted over time, which restricts the flow of air to the roots of plants. Adding perlite helps maintain good aeration in the growing medium by creating air pockets. This ensures that plant roots receive an adequate oxygen supply, crucial for healthy root development.

  • Enhanced Drainage: Perlite is a lightweight and porous material, so when mixed with coco coir, it improves the drainage properties of the growing medium. This prevents water from accumulating at the bottom of pots or containers, reducing the risk of root rot and other moisture-related problems.

  • Reduced Compaction: Perlite's structure helps prevent coco coir from compacting too tightly, ensuring that the growing medium remains loose and friable. This makes it easier for plant roots to penetrate and grow through the medium.

  • Improved Water Retention: While perlite primarily improves drainage, it also helps the growing medium retain some moisture. This balance is beneficial because it allows for a consistent level of moisture around the roots without causing waterlogged conditions.

  • pH Buffering: Perlite is pH-neutral, meaning it doesn't significantly affect the pH of the growing medium. This is important because coco coir tends to be slightly acidic, and the addition of perlite helps stabilize the pH, providing a more suitable environment for a wider range of plants.

Q: What's the ideal coco and perlite mix ratio?

A: The preferred blend for premium hydroponic grade use is a 70/30 ratio of Coco Coir (also known as coco peat) to Perlite.