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Urban gardening Systems

Whether you want to grow fresh herbs on your kitchen countertop or start a full garden in a small space, Hydro Experts offers a range of indoor urban gardening systems to help you grow. 

Our aeroponic garden systems use nutrients in water and fine mist to grow plants without soil for maximum efficiency and yield in even the smallest spaces. The Air Garden aeroponic system utilizes misting nozzles and an air pump to efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to roots, allowing for fast growth and more harvests. The Autopot wicking system features self-watering reservoirs that provide the perfect amount of moisture to roots through wicking fibres. Bluemat systems provide plants with the perfect amount of moisture through a water reservoir and absorbent mat, minimizing maintenance while maximizing growth. Other innovative hydroponic systems like Water Up and Pro Leaf deliver water and nutrients on a precise schedule right to the roots through drippers and tubes for optimized growth and harvests. 

Whether you need an easy-to-use indoor garden for fresh herbs or a high-yield system for educational purposes, Hydro Experts has the urban gardening solutions to help you grow anything.

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