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SensorPush | Hydro Experts

Hydro Experts introduces the Sensor Push HT1, HT.w and HTP.xw Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor, a new innovation in remote digital monitoring.

With a tiny footprint and long battery life, the Sensor Push HT1, HT.w and HTP.xw monitors temperature and humidity conditions every 60 seconds, pushing real-time data to your connected iOS or Android device, or storing data on the sensor for more than 2 weeks.

A Bluetooth LTE connection works within a 100m line-of-sight radius, or for truly global access pair the HT1HT.w and HTP.xw with the G1 wireless gateway, which connects to the web via Wifi or ethernet cable.

You can connect multiple HT1, HT.w and HTP.xw  sensors to your device via Bluetooth or the G1 gateway, allowing you to simultaneously monitor conditions across multiple locations, which can be labelled and organised within the app.

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SensorPush Wireless Humidity Kit | HT1 Sensor + G1 Wifi Gateway


SensorPush HT1 - Humidity / Temperature / Dewpoint / VPD Bluetooth Sensor

Q: Do I need a SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway, or can I just use the sensor?

A: It depends on your need for remote monitoring and data backup or synchronization. The sensors use Bluetooth LE, limited to Bluetooth range. To monitor remotely, use them with a SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway. This also keeps multiple devices in sync, ensuring changes apply across all mobile devices.

Q: What is the wireless range of SensorPush sensors?

A: The line-of-sight range is 100 meters but varies with obstructions and conditions. Generally, sensors work well in an average-sized home or adjacent rooms. Obstructions and distance can affect signal strength, so optimize placement for better results.

Q: Can I use SensorPush in a refrigerator, freezer, or walk-in cooler?

A: Yes, you can use SensorPush in refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers. Keep in mind that signal range may decrease due to equipment walls and water content in food. Battery life might be shorter in very cold freezers. Combining sensors with a G1 WiFi Gateway is recommended for sensitive applications.

Q: Can more than one mobile device be logged into the Gateway simultaneously?

A: Yes, multiple mobile devices can be logged into the same Gateway cloud account simultaneously using the same email login and password. Download the app on additional devices, log in with the same credentials, and disable Bluetooth in the settings to access the shared sensor and gateway data. Please allow some time for data synchronization.