Should You Use Massive or PK Spike?

By Green Planet Nutrients     4 February 2022 

Contrary to popular opinion, there are no supplements that magically enhance the quality or quantity of a harvest. Fertilizers do play an important role in cultivation, but to get the most out of a garden, growers must equally rely on genetics, environmental controls, stable systems and careful management. If these controls are forgotten and plant food is too heavily relied upon, the results at harvest time are likely to be mediocre. 

This doesn’t mean that quality inputs like liquid fertilizer should be ignored; however, using too much of a good thing can hurt, rather than help a crop. In fact, when it comes to using highly concentrated fertilizers, less is often more. So, instead of formulating elaborate feeding recipes with 10 or more bottles, rely on just a few, simple, hyper-efficient supplements to push your crop to its genetic limits. Even when it matters most, gardeners can use less and still experience the same success. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at GreenPlanet Nutrients Massive Bloom Formulation and PK Spike – two highly reviewed, reliable and efficient nutrient supplements that can be used throughout the flowering period.



Massive Bloom Formulation

Massive Bloom Formulation is a good example of a product that contains a solid blooming N-P-K of 1-2-3, as well as an array of carbohydrate extracts.

The well-rounded formulation of Massive is perfect for growers in mediums like soil, peat moss, perlite and coco. Massive Bloom Formulation has impressed a global community of growers for decades and promises enhanced size, weight, flavour and appeal. Here are some of the unique characteristics of GreenPlanet’s Massive: 

Low Molecular Fulvic Acid

Massive utilizes low molecular fulvic acid as a catalyst for the uptake of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. One of the most important functions of fulvic acid is its ability to transport important flowering elements into the cells where they are needed most.

Using low molecular fulvic acid for just a few weeks would result in sturdier stalks and increased water retention, meaning that your plants will be able to support larger, heavier buds in the later stages of flower. 

Fulvic Acid = More Nutrient Uptake

Unique Carbohydrate Blend 

The highest quality bloom boosters are formulated with external sources of sugar that allow the plant to replenish its supply of carbohydrates. Plants spend amazing amounts of energy in the heat of the flowering period; so, to make sure you’re providing your plants with a sufficient source of energy, consider purchasing a blooming fertilizer containing a wealth of carbohydrates.

Massive Bloom formulation is one such fertilizer that combines an array of mineral salts with a unique blend of carbohydrates. 

Plants require more energy within the flowering stages

Chelated Mineral Profile

Massive contains 100% chelated minerals like iron and molybdenum. The chelating process cloaks a metallic ion in a ring of charged molecules that helps facilitate its movement into and through cell walls. So, if elements like iron are chelated, they will have an easier time being absorbed by the plant. Chelating micronutrients actively avoids common nutrient deficiencies, and results in stronger, more vigorously growing plants. Fulvic acid is also a natural chelator. So, if Massive is fed alongside other micronutrient supplements, elements like calcium, copper, and zinc will have almost immediate bioavailability. 

Chelated Minerals increase the nutrient absorption rate

PK Spike

To speed up the transition phase and to help encourage the formation of new, developing flower sites, gardeners can include a heavy phosphorus and potassium supplement into their established feeding routine. PK Spike (0-14-15) is an excellent source of clean and quality sourced phosphorus and potassium. If used in conjunction with a base nutrient regimen.

PK Spike can quickly increase root mass, speed up the production of flower sites and strengthen a plants cell walls for the later support of heavy flowers. Add PK Spike, step back and watch your plants swell with size. Let’s take a look at some of the features of GreenPlanet’s PK Spike: 

Highly Soluble Minerals

Formulated with highly soluble sources of phosphorus and potassium, PK Spike can be used successfully in any soil, soilless or hydroponic medium. PK Spike is so soluble that it’s even been praised as the only bloom-boosting supplement capable of supporting plants in the original AutoPot system. In fact, because of the intense solubility of PK Spike, growers in any hydroponic system won’t have to worry about clogged lines, pipes or drip emitters while using this product. 

PK Spike is a highly soluble fertilizer which means it can be used in hydroponic system with ease

A Common Hydroponic System Issue


Non Soluble example

Non Soluble Minerals can cause blockages/scaling because these minerals can’t dissolve into a solution

Soluble example

Soluble Minerals will flow through tubes with ease because they can dilute within a Aqueous solution


Hyper-Concentrated Formula

The average application rate of PK Spike comes in at a minimal 0.5-1ml per litre. So, if you’re the type of grower who wants to save on upfront costs, this might be the perfect product for your garden. This also means that PK Spike is the ideal bloom booster for commercial operations.

By combining PK Spike with a highly concentrated base nutrient program, for example, Dual Fuel, you can be sure that your plants will be getting exactly what they need, for less. 

Aggressive Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) Content 

Phosphorus and potassium are the two main elements necessary for the formation of large flowers. PK Spike is one of the most aggressively packed liquid nutrient supplements available on the market and is recommended for use during the 2nd-7th week of the flowering period. Because of the excess of phosphorus in PK Spike, growers can easily expect an expansion of resinous flower sites. Also, the added potassium will allow your plants to expand their root zone during this period of growth. And, during the later period, increased potassium has the potential to enhance terpene and essential oil production, size, density and weight.



Should You Use Massive or PK Spike?  

There is no clear answer to which bloom booster will provide your crop with the best results. As stated above, there is a mountain of variables to consider when comparing potential outcomes. However, when it comes to fertilizer, less is always more. So, rely on your own preferences when it comes to choosing between a selection of flowering additives. 

For example, if you garden in soil, use organic fertilizer and mix small amounts of liquid nutrients, rely on Massive to supply your plants with an adequate range of minerals. Hydroponic gardeners, however, might prefer a fertilizer more aligned with their system – something concentrated, highly soluble and packed with essential elements. In short, Massive and PK Spike both have key features that function well under ideal conditions, neither is the superior product and both have the potential to elevate your crop during the flowering period of growth.