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Sure Grow NFT Hydroponics Trough System

Hydro Experts offers the Sure Grow NFT System, an Australian-made hydroponics trough system designed to help growers maximize yield and efficiency. The Sure Grow NFT channels feature durable high-density polyethylene gullies that provide an optimal environment for roots to grow in a continuous flow of nutrient-rich water. The system utilizes the natural growth potential of hydroponic plants by suspending their roots in oxygen-rich water in a Nutrient Film Technique setup. 

The Sure Grow NFT System offers growers several benefits. The channels allow for precise control of nutrient concentration and pH level in the water, ensuring plants receive exactly what they need for optimum growth. The gullies are easy to clean and maintain, minimizing the risk of pathogen buildup. The customizable design allows growers to configure the system for a variety of plant types and crop densities. And the durable construction of the Sure Grow system means it can withstand the demands of commercial production for many years. 

Whether you grow leafy greens, herbs, or other crops, the Sure Grow NFT System from Hydro Experts provides a professional, high-performance solution for your hydroponic operation. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help maximize your yields using our Australian-made hydroponics trough system.

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