Preparing your nutrient tank

Author: CANNA   Date Posted:10 October 2017 


When your growing your own plants, feeding your plants is complicated. The right mixture of nutrients is essential.
Mixing the wrong nutrient solution may cause blockage. 
Check the Need To Know video to find out more.


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11 October 2017
Erbsta: Cool short vid, be good if you gave a timescale of how long to let the tank sit with the nutes added. I think Canna advise a good few hours before you use it? Canna Official: Hi, there is no need to let the tank sit, as long as you've stirred the nutes well enough so they've been absorbed. After checking the EC you can use the tank directly, but it's best to use that tank within a week and test your EC after as well. HydroGarden: When do I have to adjust my ph? after measuring the e.c (coco a+b)? Or after adding all the rest of additives to the coco a+b? Canna Official: Hi, Adjusting the pH is the very last step, after adding the A+B, the supplements and making sure the EC is within the target range. One important note, pH adjusters require some time to work. Make sure the nutrient solution is mixed well and wait a few minutes before re-adjusting. The bigger your nutrient reservoir is, the longer you need to wait. While 6.2 is the ideal for coco, if you land anywhere between 5.2 and 6.4 you do not need to do any adjustment. Our coco is buffered and will bring the pH to optimal range on its own. Happy gardening!

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