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Grow Tent Mylar & Reflective Films | Hydro Experts

Optimal grow room lighting is essential in producing high-yield plants. Covering the walls of your grow room by reflective films results in an increase in light efficiency by redirecting wasted light back towards the plants. Mylar can be up to 97% reflective and is easily applied to the walls of your grow room or grow tent. It is extremely flexible and very effective. Patterned mylar has a very low risk of creating hot spots, which are spots where the light is too focused and can burn plants. Another option is poly, which reflects around 90%. These products are black on the backside, which will prevent unwanted light from entering the grow room, and maintaining privacy.

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Mylar Fabric Film 600D - 1.4M x 40M | Same Mylar Material as Grow Tent


Mylar Reflective Film Roll - 1.22M X 30.4M | Thickness 1MIl / 25.4um