Phresh Hyperfan

Phresh Hyperfan are a quiet, smooth and efficient hydroponic fan that has the highest CFM per watt of any fan in the industry. They also use half of the power and produce half of the heat when compared to traditional EC and DC motored fans. They have two ranges including their regular Phresh Hyperfanmodels and their stealth Hyper fans which produce little to no noise. They also have speed and temperature controllers which are extremely handy when dealing with environmental control within an indoor garden. 

Phresh Hyperfan Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors are vastly superior to all existing fan motor technology. "Multi-Phase" technology allows the motor to be energized 12 times per revolution as compared to 2 or 4 times with competitors fans, making the application of power to the fan blades smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free. Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors use up to half the power and produce half the heat of traditional EC and/or DC motors. This results in greatly reduced energy costs coupled with less wear, greatly increased reliability and a longer expected lifespan than any other fan in its class.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of Phresh Hyperfan such as Phresh Hyper Mixed Flow Inline EC Fan, Hyper Climate Controller with hyper fan, speed controller, hyper climate controller with hyper silenced EC fan, hyper climate control dual fan controller, hyper silenced stealth EC fan, ventilation kits, and many more.

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