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CX Horticulture

At CX Horticulture, their total focus is to give you the tools with which you can grow the best possible crop. They concentrate entirely on delivering bigger yields and better quality with less effort. They stand behind their products and guarantee they will all meet your highest expectations. That’s why CX is a world leader. They employ both Agronomists and chemists and they are the only specialist hydroponic product manufacturer to do so. Their Agronomists liaise with their chemists and give them the parameters to work with in terms of the best possible crop nutrition. And this is not just guesswork. This is the result of years of experience and replicated trial work in a multitude of environments.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell CX Horticulture Tanlin Drops.

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CX Horticulture Tanlin Drops - 20ML