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Explore Aptus Feed Programs and Manuals | Hydro Experts Australia

By Aptus     16 January 2024 

Welcome to our Hydro Experts webpage dedicated to feed programs and manuals for the renowned brand Aptus.

Explore Aptus feed programs designed to cater to the specific nutritional needs of your plants at every growth stage. Whether you're cultivating herbs, flowers, or vegetables, Aptus offers a range of formulas to enhance plant development, boost yields, and promote overall health.

Dive into our catalog to discover the full range of Aptus products available at Hydro Experts. From powerful nutrients to specialized additives, we offer a diverse selection to cater to various plant types and growth stages. Find the perfect solutions to elevate your hydroponic experience and achieve remarkable harvests.

The CLEAN Program

Download The CLEAN Program

Aptus System-Clean Grow Chart
Aptus System-Clean Grow Chart

The PREMIUM Program

Download The PREMIUM Program

Aptus System - The Premium Program
Aptus System - The Premium Program

Soil PRO Program

Download Soil PRO Program

Aptus System - Soil PRO Program

Soil BASIC Program

Download Soil BASIC Program

Aptus System - Soil BASIC Program