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Grow Lights for Micorgreens

Find the perfect grow lights for microgreens from Hydro Experts' comprehensive selection. We carry a variety of LED grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, and other lighting systems specifically designed for efficiently growing microgreens in any indoor environment. Our LED grow lights for microgreens offer full-spectrum light that mimics the sun, helping promote optimal photosynthesis, growth and crop yield. 

LEDs produce less heat, consume less energy and last much longer than traditional lighting options. Fluorescent grow lights are another effective option for microgreen propagation, providing the proper intensity and spectrum that seedlings require.

 We carry top brands like Luxx, Flexstar, Mojo Cow and Hortitek with different par levels and wattages to suit any microgreen growing setup. Whether you're just starting or expanding an existing operation, our expert team can help you determine the best grow lights for microgreens based on your crop variety, space and budget. 

Contact Hydro Experts today to discuss your specific microgreen lighting needs. We aim to provide commercial growers and hobbyists alike with the highest quality grow lights for microgreens to maximize yields and profitability.

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Luxx Clone LED - 2 x 18W Strips | IP66 Waterproof | 9000K


Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light - 2 x 18W Strips | 9000K


Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light -  2 x 9W Strips | 9000K

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