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Heat Mats & Rooting Solutions

Hydro Experts has everything you need for successful rooting and cloning, from our professional-grade clone gel and rooting powder to specially designed seedling heating mats and rooting cutters. Whether you're propagating cuttings from plants or grafting scions onto rootstocks, our expert rooting solutions can help ensure your success. 

Our clone gel contains hormones and nutrients to promote the formation of roots from stem cuttings. Simply dip your cuttings in the gel before placing them in your propagation tray. For a natural rooting powder alternative, try our talc-based rooting powder which is infused with hormonal stimulants. 

Our heat mats provide the ideal bottom heat for rooting cuttings and seedlings, maintaining steady temperatures from 20 to 35°C. For even more precision, pair your heat mat with our digital thermostat controller to ensure your cuttings receive the perfect amount of warmth. 

For preparing your cuttings, our premium scalpel blades and rooting cutters enable clean, precise slicing through even woody plant stems. Whether you're propagating houseplants, succulents, trees or shrubs, our high-quality rooting solutions can help you clone and root cuttings with confidence.

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