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Mesh Pots & Cups

Mesh pot is frequently called net pot or mesh cups. Mesh pots are small pots that support a plant's root system. The plant's roots can readily grow through the pot. Mesh pots are commonly used in hydroponic systems such as aeroponics, aquaponics, ebb and flow, deep water culture (DWC) systems and nutrient film techniques. They are designed to offer optimal drainage of all water and nutrients away from the plant’s roots.

Mesh pots are usually made of high-grade plastic pots such as polyethylene, or they are made from a softer material. The holes in the mesh vary in size and diameter. Some mesh pots are designed to hold not only the plant’s roots but also a growing media. Sizes vary by manufacturer, but most mesh pots measure between two and nine inches. However, even larger sizes are available to hold bigger plants. As an alternative to mesh pots, some growers use fabric containers, dutch buckets, or rock wool grow media.

Some of the high-quality mesh/net pots we sell are from brands such as Current Culture, Nutrifield, and many more. Visit in-store or shop online for all kinds of hydroponics-related equipment and nutrients for plant growth.

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