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Cyco Nutrient & Additives

Hydro Experts provides a comprehensive line of Cyco nutrients and additives for all your growing needs. Whether you grow in hydroponics, coco coir, or soil, we have the essential nutrients and additives to optimize your plants' growth and yields. Our Cyco Grow and Bloom formulas are tailored specifically for the different phases of plant growth to ensure your plants have exactly what they need at each stage. 

For explosive vegetative growth, our Cyco Grow formula contains optimal levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, and other essential micronutrients. During the flowering stage, Cyco Bloom provides the perfect balance of micronutrients, calcium, and phosphorus to maximize bud sites and boost resin production. 

We also offer a wide selection of specialty additives to supplement your nutrient regimen. Our Suga Rush contains amino acids and enzymes to increase sugar production and sweeten the flavour of your plants' fruits and flowers. Our Silica helps strengthen stalks and stems while improving plants' ability to absorb other nutrients. Upsize contains humic acid to enlarge roots, fruits, and flowers. And our Ryzofuel enhances root development and nutrient uptake for improved yields. 

Whether you need nourishing coco bitz for your coco coir, or a nutrient cleanser to flush your soil or hydroponics system, Hydro Experts has the nutrients, additives, and expertise to grow the highest quality plants and maximize your harvest.

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Cyco Platinum Series XL Prokit - Nutrient & Additives for Grow & Bloom


Cyco Platinum Series Prokit Suga Rush (Nutrient & Additives Grow Bloom)