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Propagation Trays & Domes

Hydro Experts offers the highest quality propagation trays and domes to help you clone cuttings, start seeds and germinate seedlings. Whether you are propagating orchids, succulents, foliage plants or vegetables, we have the optimal propagation products to support successful cloning and germination. 

Our propagation trays are made of durable plastic that won't warp or fade over time. The depths range from shallow to extra-deep depending on your cloning and seed-starting needs. The tray sizes range from small to extra-large to accommodate anywhere from a few cuttings to hundreds of seedlings. 

For added humidity control, our propagation domes create the optimum environment for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds. The domes trap moisture to keep the air surrounding young plants warm and humid. They allow light and airflow while maintaining high humidity levels to support healthy root growth. 

We carry a variety of propagation tray and dome styles to fit your specific needs. Microgreen trays feature individual mini-cells for cloning and starting seeds. Seedling trays have open-bottom cells to promote proper root aeration. Cloning trays have shallow depths for rooting cuttings. Our germination domes are perfect for covering seed trays to maintain the proper moisture levels for sprouting seeds. 

Whether you need propagation trays, cloning trays, seedling trays, propagation domes or germination domes, Hydro Experts has the highest quality options to help you reproduce your favourite plants through seed starting and cloning.

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