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Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron - 250ML / 1L / 5L

Concentrated Iron Solution

SKU: ADDT42060



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Do you dream of a garden bursting with vibrant blooms and luscious fruits? Look no further than Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron! Our iron supplement for plants is your secret weapon to unlock the true potential of your garden. Say goodbye to dull, yellowing leaves and hello to a garden that's bursting with life and color.

Why Choose Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron?

  • Intense Color Boost: Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron is packed with iron from iron sulphate, DTPA chelate, and EDDHA chelate. These powerful ingredients ensure that your plants receive the iron they need to produce rich, intense colours that will leave your neighbours in awe.

  • Enhanced Disease Resistance: Not only does GT Liquid Iron enhance the beauty of your plants, but it also fortifies them against diseases. Healthy plants are less susceptible to common garden pests and illnesses, giving your garden an added layer of protection.

  • Perfect for Problem Soils: If you've struggled with iron deficiency due to calcareous soils or gravel grow beds, GT Liquid Iron is your solution. Our formula is designed to combat iron deficiency in challenging soil conditions, ensuring your plants thrive no matter the environment.

The Signs of Iron Deficiency

Don't Let Iron Deficiency Ruin Your Garden

Iron deficiency in plants can be a silent killer, robbing your garden of its beauty and vitality. To help you identify the problem and take action, here are the telltale signs of iron deficiency:

Yellowing between veins of younger leaves and on the growing tip.

When you notice yellowing between the veins of your plant's younger leaves or at the growing tip, it's a clear sign that your plants are craving iron. This condition, known as chlorosis, can hinder growth and affect the overall health of your plants.

Iron deficiency is often a problem with plants growing on calcareous soils or gravel grow beds.

Plants growing in calcareous soils or gravel grow beds are particularly susceptible to iron deficiency. These soil types can bind up iron, making it unavailable to your plants. But with GT Liquid Iron, you can break free from the limitations of your soil and nurture thriving plants.


GT Liquid Iron typical analysis

  • Iron from iron sulphate 25 g/L
  • Iron from DTPA chelate 5 g/L
  • Iron from EDDHA chelate 1 g/L
  • Total Iron 31 g/L

In The Box

  • [1] x Growth Technology (GT) Liquid Iron - 250ML / 1L / 5L