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Aeroponic Cloning Machines

Hydroponic gardeners and high-yield plant enthusiasts rely on aeroponic cloning machines to rapidly propagate plants and keep their gardens flourishing year-round. Turbo Klone, EzClone and SeaHawk Clone Station aeroponic cloning systems make plant reproduction convenient and stress-free by suspending rootless cuttings in an oxygenated mist of nutrients. 

Aeroponic cloning machines use the aeroponics technique of growing plants with their roots suspended in the air and sprayed with a nutrient solution. This environment-friendly method is effective for cloning because it exposes the roots to high levels of oxygen, nutrients and moisture - everything the cuttings need to form roots rapidly. Compared to soil or liquid propagation methods, aeroponics results in faster root growth and higher cloning success rates. 

Once the rooted cuttings are ready, aeroponic clone collars help transition the young plants seamlessly into the soil, coco or other growing mediums. Clone collars retain moisture at the base of the stem to ensure the plant's roots are established quickly after being planted. 

Whether you grow cannabis, tomatoes, peppers or other plants that benefit from cloning, an aeroponic cloning system can boost your yields and crop uniformity by producing many genetically identical copies of your best plants in a fraction of the time of traditional cloning techniques.

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TurboKlone T24 Aeroponic Cloning System - 24 Turbo Site Kloners | w/ Dome

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