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Bokashi Composting Australia

Discover Bokashi composting for effective organic waste management at home. Bokashi composting uses effective microorganisms and anaerobic fermentation to rapidly break down organic material, resulting in nutrient-rich compost. 

Bokashi compost bins allow you to compost kitchen scraps, pet waste, and even nappies indoors, generating compost in a matter of weeks. Simply place your organic waste into the Bokashi bin, cover with Bokashi bran and allow anaerobic fermentation to begin. In as little as two weeks, the waste will be transformed into compost with high amounts of beneficial microbes ready to nourish your garden. 

Bokashi composting is an effective, odourless method for organic gardeners and compost enthusiasts to reduce waste while creating valuable compost. Bokashi compost mix accelerates the fermentation process, helping to break down organic material and prevent mold growth. Bokashi composters like Enso Pet's Bokashi Pet Waste Compost Kit make it easy to manage and compost pet waste indoors. 

Bokashi composting allows organic garden growers and no-till soil enthusiasts to generate nutrient-rich compost with ease while reducing their environmental footprint.

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