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Flora Flex

At FloraFlex™ we grow many varieties of plants. We know the joy of watching your plants blossom because you’ve figured out the perfect way to care for them, and we know the pain of watching them die or suffer because what you thought would work didn’t. Growing a plant can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The FloraFlex™ community is here to help you.


We want to inspire everyone everywhere to grow their own plants. There is nothing quite like planting your first plant and witnessing the results months later. Whether good, mediocre, or bad, we all feel something at the end. For every gardener, growing becomes a science project. We constantly improvise, try something new, and then track the outcome. Our passion is to provide you with tools you can use whether you are a top feeder or prefer automated methods. We want to help you take out the guesswork, saving you water, nutrients, and time, all while eliminating algae.


Our products are designed from the inspiration and experience of growers in Southern California so that growers everywhere can benefit. There are many secrets to the “green thumb” in the long history of the SoCal horticulture community. After listening to and learning from some of the best growers, we developed the FloraFlex™ brand so we could bring some of these traditions to you.

Helping You Grow With Your Garden

FloraFlexing is all about the relationship between plant and grower—the intimate connection between you and your plant as you learn more about it. As you flex your capabilities as a grower, you’re also flexing your plant’s ability to produce both quantity and quality.



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