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Hi-Par is based on innovation and quality. Bringing you the latest in horticultural digital lighting technology with maximum PAR output and efficiency.

Perfect for medical, industrial and hobby horticulturalists. Experience the power of 400v and CHM technology.


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Hi-Par Digital Control CMH Ballast - 315W | Dimmable
Hi-Par High Pressure Sodium (HPS) DE Lamp - 1000W | DE LAMP

Hi-Par High Pressure Sodium (HPS) DE Lamp - 1000W | DE LAMP

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Hi-Par High Pressure Sodium (HPS) DE Lamp - 600W | DE LAMP
Hi-Par Sunstorm CMH Reflector - Horizontal | 315W | Connectable
Hi-Par Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) DE Lamp - 630W | DE LAMP
Hi-Par Hi-Shine Reflector Wipe - Pack of 80 Wipes | Dimension 21.5x28cm
Hi-Par High Pressure Sodium (HPS) E40 Lamp - 600W | E40 Lamp

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