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Growth Technology


Before the birth of Growth Technology we were commercial growers of tomatoes and herbs. At one time we had over 12,000 tomatoes in fiberglass sheds and a supply contract with Qantas airlines – all under the banner of Hydro Gardens.

In 1984 we began formulating hydroponic nutrients for our own commercial crops. The nutrients were so successful, soon we were soon selling our products to other growers as the hydroponic concept spread and the demand for ‘crop-specific’ nutrients grew.

In 1989 Hydro Gardens made way for Growth Technology.  Today we formulate and manufacture nutrients for countless different crops across the globe and we can lay claim to the worlds first and leading propagation gel.  We support our retail and commercial customers with specific plant and soil advice and continue to use our worldwide network to research the latest trends and innovations in horticulture.

Growth Technology products are based not just on theory but also on experience.  We speak the same language as our growers and never make unsupported claims.

Our business is based on six fundamental commitments which have provided the backbone to our development and growth over the past two decades.  They are the basis for all our decision-making and will continue to guide the future expansion of Growth Technology.

  • Innovation – our products are market leaders.  The formula for each product is based on worldwide literature review, ongoing experimentation and most importantly patient observation of plants in all their growth phases.
  • Experience – our background is in commercial plant growth, crop-specific nutrient formulation and distribution.  We do not sell or support any products that we don’t trust from first-hand experience.
  • Formulation – science dictates the outcome, always!  All of our products are based on scientific methodology.  The precision of our formulations is fundamental to our growers and enables us to guarantee consistent results.
  • Quality Control – all of our products are regularly tested and re-tested.  Every batch of nutrients is analysed by independent laboratories before it leaves our factory.
  • Product Support – our products come with an unconditional guarantee of support and advice.   If you require any technical information or practical assistance with application, our support staff are readily available to all of our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction – without customers we wouldn’t be in business.  We commit to providing the best products and services to ensure higher quality plants and longer growing seasons.  Happy plants equal happy owners!
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