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Insect & Disease Control

Pests require constant monitoring as the numbers in the grow room can increase at a quick rate. Monitoring techniques include visual inspection of flying insects, colour changes in the leaves or using sticky fly traps to highlight a pest problem before visible signs can be seen. Prevention of pest infection is always better than cure, so products which aid in increasing the plan's immune system are an easy way to reduce the chances of pest infestation. The disease affects the health and vigour of the plant. Many diseases you may get in the grow room are difficult to control so it is important to keep the nutrient solution piping and grow room clean and sterlie; using a range of sterilising techniques such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Citro Fresh, UV and Ozone. Silica can also be used as a natural barrier to prevent disease entering the cells. Hydro Experts has a range of products to monitor and control Pest & Disease.

Some of the more commonly known phytoalexin inducers used in crop production include salicylic acid, chitin and chitosan, phosphorous acid and phosphonate fungicides. Other growers prefer to select from a wide range of commercial fungicide or bactericide spray products, attempting fast and direct control. Both of these approaches can lead to other issues. For example, chemical sprays for fungus problems can cause resistance to build up within populations of disease pathogens, making the product ineffective after just a few applications.

Our sustainable line of fungicides will help you keep any mold or powdery mildew problems at bay. Visit in-store or order online at and get free delivery over $499. Only at HYDRO EXPERTS!

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