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Ever tried to grow in window screens? hydroponics grow DIY hydroponic system raddish grow

By Jeb Gardener     30 October 2017 

The Reason why we are sharing this funny video with you is mainly because Jeb reflected how easy it is to grow with proper Rockwool instead. Here are some Rockwools:



You will laugh when Snöfrid speaks. 
Come with me on my quest for wasting free radishes. 
The light cycle was 14 hours on 10 hours off unless I felt like having the "sun" shine in my office while I worked.
Plants were grown in an office environment under a 4 bulb 4ft High Output T5 fluorescent fixture 216 Watts. 
All the grows required top offs of fresh water. PH and EC were not checked. Fertilizer was only added once (right after thinning plants).

Nutrient Recipe
2g MasterBlend Tomato 4-18-38
2g Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0
1g Epsom Salt
1 Gallon or 3.8 Liters tap water

Music is Snöfrid by Jean Sibelius

Filmed on an iPhone6
Edited with iMovie 10.1.5
Voiceover recorded on a Blue Snowball ICE