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Grow Room CO2

Carbon dioxide is the key ingredient for successful indoor plant growth. At Hydro Experts, we offer the highest quality CO2 controllers and accessories to maximize your plants' yields. 

CO2 controllers precisely regulate the concentration of CO2 in your grow room or tent, ensuring optimal levels at all stages of growth. Our CO2 regulators allow you to set the desired parts per million (ppm) for vegetative and flowering stages and then automatically supply the correct amount of CO2 to keep your plants thriving. 

For small grows, we recommend CO2 mushroom bags that slowly release carbon dioxide over a few weeks. Larger growers should consider TrolMaster or Pro Leaf CO2 controllers, which connect to CO2 tanks and accurately regulate ppm levels with LCD displays and adjustable knobs. 

Whether you need a simple CO2 bag for a small tent or a professional regulator for a large-scale grow room, Hydro Experts has the equipment to boost your harvest with supplemental carbon dioxide. Please browse our high-quality CO2 controllers and accessories today and maximize your plants' growth potential.

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Pro Leaf Multi-function Environmental Controller - BECC-B2


Pro Leaf CO2 Regulator - PPM-CR1


Mushroom Experts CO2 Bag - 2Kg | Up to 1300 PPM | With Trichoderma


Hydro Experts CO2 Refill for CO2 Blast


Hydro Experts CO2 Blast - Last Upto 2 Weeks | Maximize Yields with CO2


Pro Leaf Multi-function Environmental Controller - BECC-PRO

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