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Ventilation & Odor Control Kits

Hydro Experts Online Shop holds the fan and filter kit, silenced fan and carbon filter and fan and duct combo as ventilation kit for hydroponics gardening.

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Measuring the temperature of a solution Control your nutrient solution temperature and prevent big swings. Temperature affects plant growth, flowering, seed production and pollination. If it’s too cold, seeds won’t germinate, cuttings won’t root, flowers won’t produce pollen. Your plants will grow slowly or stop growing altogether. Too hot, your seeds ...

We asked two experienced growers (Dan from Oregon and Fred from The Netherlands) to face off with their different opinions on how to calculate your fan requirements. Whose method do you think is the best? ...

Phresh Filters and Pressure Drop Carbon filters cause a pressure drop across the fan. An unrestricted fan working on full power will give the manufacturer’s specified air flow but when a carbon filter is ...