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Take your indoor grow tent to the next level by outfitting it with helpful grow tent accessories to improve your growing experience. We offer various upgrades and supplies for your grow tent, such as CFM kits and height extension kits, and other handy accessories like headlights, torch lights, and microscopes.

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Flashlight Head Torch - 19 x Green LED | High Intensity | Batteries not Included
Gorilla Grow Tent High CFM Kit - 8 x 8 | 8 Poles | For GGT88 |Hydroponics
Homebox Equipment Board - 40CM x 90CM | For Grow Tent
Magnifying Loupe w/ LED illuminator - Zoom 40x | Microscope
Gorilla Grow Tent High CFM Kit - 2 x 2.5 | 4 Poles | For GGT225 |Hydroponics

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