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Hydroponic Systems & Parts

Hydro Experts carries several hydroponic systems including DWC – Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow Hydroponics, Flood and Drain systems, Hydroponic Drip Systems, Aeroponics, Cloning Aeroponics System and much more. You can purchase everything you need to start growing hydroponically with our AutoPot starter kit or build up a customized system base on multiple types of hydroponic systems.

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Current Culture Spin-Tight Bulkhead - 3" Inch | 76.2MM | Leak Free Design


Nutriculture Oxypot 4 Complete Kit - 4 Pots | DWC System

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If you’re familiar with hydroponics, then you’ve probably heard of water chillers. But what are they, exactly? Water chillers are mechanical devices used to cool down the water in your hydroponic system; however, their impact goes far beyond simply keeping the wat ...

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All AutoPot systems allow each plant to determine their own water requirements, taking away the guesswork for optimal plant growing conditions. The unique wet - dry watering cycle is created by the use of a 'Smart-Valve'. The Smart-Valve restricts the flow of water (or nutrient) into the tray until it has nearly fully drained. At this time, the smart valve opens and allows fresh water to fill t ...

Blumat Watering Systems from Austria are ideal for indoor plants, balcony plants and potted plants. The plant watering system is a reliable, efficient and economical way of watering flowering plants and vegetables on the balcony and patio, in raised beds and greenhouses. Blumat is ideal for watering plants when you are on holiday and works all year round. Blumat Classic is ide ...

The importance of root maintenance to a healthy root system cannot be overstated. All successful growth begins with a well-developed and flourishing root mass. Roots play a crucial role in a plant’s physiology performing key functions such as absorption of water, minerals and other soluble and gaseous compounds. Roots also act to stabilize and anchor the plants and assist in keeping t ...

Have troubleshooting questions about your Under Current system? Below you will find the most common issues growers may have when growing in the Under Current. Issues touched upon include pH instability, root health, leaf and stem growth and finally system issues. You will find the cause and effect for each issue, along with treatment regimens and preventive maintenance. ...

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