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Fluorescent Grow Lights

We offer a wide selection of high-quality fluorescent grow lights to help your indoor plants thrive. Whether you need a T5 fluorescent fixture, CFL grow light kit or single CFL bulb, we have the right fluorescent grow light solution for you. 

Fluorescent grow lights provide full-spectrum light that closely mimics natural sunlight, making them an ideal choice for indoor plant growers. Fluorescent lights are also energy efficient and long-lasting, providing years of use. 

T5 fluorescent grow light fixtures are a popular choice due to their high light output, compact size and versatility. They are perfect for seedlings, clones, mother plants, and small to medium grows. We carry T5HO fluorescent fixtures in various lengths and bulb configurations to meet your growing needs. 

CFL grow light kits consist of reflectors, hangers, and compact fluorescent (CFL) grow bulbs. They are an affordable option for lighting smaller grows and houseplants. Our CFL grow light kits feature high-output full-spectrum CFL bulbs that promote healthy plant growth. We also offer single CFL grow bulbs in various shapes, sizes and light spectrums. 

Whether you need fluorescent grow lights for seedlings, mother plants, clones or your entire grow room, we have a solution that will help your indoor plants thrive. Contact Hydro Experts today to find the right fluorescent grow light for your setup.

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