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Hydroponics Nutrients By Brand

When it comes to choosing which hydroponic nutrient brand and formula is best for your garden, you have a wide range of options. We carry hydroponics nutrients from all the top brands to suit different plant needs and gardening styles. 

Some of the leading hydroponic nutrient brands in our selection include Aptus, Athena, Bio Diesel, Canna, Cultured Solutions, Cyco, Emerald Harvest, Flairform, Floramax, Green Planet Nutrient, Grotek, Growth Technology, House & Garden Nutrient, Hy Gen , Mills Nutrient , Green House Powder Feeding, Professor's nutrient, Rock Nutrient, Xtreme Gardening, Terra Aquatica, and Mammoth P. 

Whether you're a gardener just starting out or an experienced hydroponics grower, we aim to provide the nutrients and solutions that enable you to achieve optimal growth and harvest for your plants. Different formulas contain varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential micronutrients tailored for specific types of fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

Our plant nutrition experts can help guide you in choosing the right hydroponic nutrients for your garden based on factors like the type of system you use, the types of plants you grow, the life cycle stage of your crops and your preferred feeding schedule. 

With such a comprehensive selection of premium hydroponic nutrient brands available, you're sure to find the ideal formula to fuel optimal growth and productivity for your unique garden.

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Canna Coco Professional Plus+ - 50L Bag | RHP Certified


Hy-Gen CoirLite Coco Perlite - 50L Bag | 70% Coco & 30% Perlite


Canna Coco Professional Plus Cube/Brick - 40L


[Broken Seal] Add Bud - 20L

Save 14%



[Broken Seal] Terra Aquatica DualPart Coco Grow - 1L | Flora Coco

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