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Aptus Plant Tech Nutrients

Aptus Plant Tech Australia is a proudly Australian owned and operated company offering ground-breaking technology across a range of expert products. Agriculture across the globe is experiencing the negative effects of decades of synthetic fertiliser and pesticide usage. Salt build-up creates harmful runoff into our groundwater, pesticide residue is on much of our produce, and our food lacks the nutritional value it contained only a few decades ago.

Aptus technologies were developed in an effort to fix these problems short term and long term by creating highly available forms of nutrients. The Aptus brand has continued to expand gradually in the United States since entering years ago as the social consciousness drifts towards more quality, responsible, and contaminant-free plant inputs for your high-value crops.

The Aptus rise to prominence is built on True Plant Science, which extends into our philosophy, our technologies, and our approach. The result is growers experiencing quality, efficiency, and cost savings alike.

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Q: What sets Aptus apart from other nutrient brands?

A: Aptus plant nutrient was originally developed for the high-stakes world of commercial agriculture, where results and investments are paramount. Commercial crop farmers cannot afford to take risks with their methods, given the potential for significant losses. Changing cultivation methods involves substantial costs related to equipment, time, and investments. Most farmers only consider making changes when they witness substantial improvements in outcomes.

Aptus took a unique approach by closely examining natural soil and plant processes, meticulously replicating the forms and quantities of essential minerals. Our collaboration with leading universities and researchers, along with extensive analysis of thousands of plant tissue and soil samples, enabled us to find the optimal nutrient balance that enhances mineral uptake, internal transport, and utilization by plants.

Effective plant nutrition is not merely a matter of combining essential minerals; it hinges on achieving the right balance and ensuring the bioavailability of nutrients. Aptus accomplishes this by chelating all minerals in L-amino acids, as opposed to synthetic chelates that plants struggle to recognize.

Several of the technologies utilized in Aptus nutrients are both unique and patented. We didn't invent these technologies; nature perfected them over millions of years. Our research simply identified these natural processes and found practical ways to apply them effectively.

Q: How will Aptus nutrients impact my pH levels?

A: Maintaining the proper pH level in your feed water is always important for your specific growing medium. Some of our boosters may cause minor pH adjustments due to the organic compounds and other ingredients they contain. For instance, P-Boost includes organic acids and can serve as a pH-down solution while also supplying bioavailable phosphorus and L-amino acids. Conversely, Super-PK has a pH-raising effect and can be used as a pH-up solution. Regulator has a pH-lowering effect, primarily in reverse osmosis (RO) water. CaMg-Boost and K-Boost have a slight pH-raising effect. If your pH falls outside the desired range after thoroughly mixing your feed water, consider using a mild pH-adjusting solution, as strong acids and bases can affect the microorganisms in the mix.

Q: Should I flush my medium weekly or at the end of my growing cycle?

A: Flushing is an interesting practice designed to remove accumulated salts that can negatively affect flavor and quality. A more important question to ask is why these salt buildups occur. It may be due to over-fertilization with chemical salt-based fertilizers. If you maintain the proper nutrient balance in a bioavailable form, the need for excessive feeding diminishes, reducing the necessity for flushing. Moreover, flushing can wash away beneficial nutrients along with the harmful ones. Aptus products have minimal salts, making flushing less necessary. Some Aptus growers discontinue their base fertilizer 1-2 weeks before harvest while continuing with Aptus boosters. Since Aptus products have minimal salts, this approach often enhances yield and quality without affecting flavor.

Q: Are Aptus products safe for microorganisms in the soil?

A: Rest assured, Aptus products are beneficial for the microorganisms in your substrate. Aptus formulations are designed to stimulate and nurture microorganisms in your growing medium. Some products even contain microorganisms (e.g., Startbooster, Micromix Drip & Soil, Mycor Mix), while others stimulate their growth.

Q: Should I use other microbiological products alongside Aptus products?

A: Using additional microbiological products is typically unnecessary when following the Aptus feeding schedule. Aptus products already provide high concentrations of specific microorganisms. When using soil or coco-peat as a growing medium, initial inoculation of microbes is generally sufficient. However, rockwool has difficulty retaining beneficial microbes, so reinoculation is recommended.