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Harvest Storage Supplies

Protect and preserve your precious harvests for optimal freshness with our extensive range of storage supplies. Whether you need cVault jars for long-term storage of your dried herbs, solutions for humidity control like Boveda or Integra humidiccants, or smell-proof containers like storage bags from Grove or Ryot, we have the right storage solution. 

Our cVault jars offer the ultimate protection for your dried herbs, spices, teas and other harvests. The locking, vacuum seal keeps air and light out, locking in freshness for up to two years. For fresh herbs and leafy greens, you'll want to maintain the optimal humidity level. Products like Boveda and Integra humidiccant packs absorb or release moisture to keep your stored goods at the ideal humidity. 

If odours are an issue, smell-proof containers like our odour-resistant storage bags are the answer. Nylon bags from Grove and Ryot use special barrier technology to seal out smells from dried herbs, and other aromatics. They are an indispensable tool for anyone who harvests and stores plant materials. 

Whether you need long-term preservation, humidity control or odour resistance, Hydro Experts offers the supplies you need to protect your harvests and keep them fresh for as long as possible. Contact us today to find the optimal storage solution for your specific needs.

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Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone | Made in Canada

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