Trimming Accessories for Hydroponics

Growing herbs such as bushy plant, rosemary sage, a basil plant, woody stems, or any other type of herbs need best trimmers. The herb trimming is done for the herb garden requires the trimmers like Bowl Trimmers, Large Trimming Machines, Sorting Machine, Scissors & Pruners, Lap Trim Trays, and Trimming Parts.

TrimTray Harvest Trimming Tray Kit + 150um Screen (Pollen Collection) Bud Trim
Greenbroz Sorter | Made in USA

Greenbroz Sorter | Made in USA


9% OFF Hot
Trimpro Original Workstation - Premium Bud Trimmer| Made in Canada
18% OFF Hot
Trimpro Unplugged - Manual Plant Leaf Bud Trimmer | Made in Canada
25% OFF
Pro Cut Fast Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)

Pro Cut Fast Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)


3% OFF
Pro Cut P2X Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)

Pro Cut P2X Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)


14% OFF
Trimpro Automatik - Premium Plant Leaf Bud Trimmer | Made in Canada

Trimpro Automatik (Made in Canada)


24% OFF
Trimpro Automatik XL - Premium Plant Leaf Bud Trimmer | Made in Canada

Trimpro Automatik XL (Made in Canada)


20% OFF
Trimpro Original - Premium Bud Trimmer | Made in Canada

Trimpro Original (Made in Canada)


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Trimpro Rotor - Electric Plant Leaf Bud Trimmer | Made in Canada

Trimpro Rotor (Made in Canada)


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Trimpro Rotor Table Only (Rotor Isn't included)

Trimpro Rotor Table Only


20% OFF
Trimpro Trimbox - Electric Plant Leaf Bud Trimmer | Light Weight |Made in Canada

Trimpro Trimbox (Made in Canada)


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Twister T4 Replacement Belt (Part Number 19-0004-00)

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