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We stock a range of different grow tent brands, including Gorilla, Jungle Room, Mammoth, Seahawk, Pinelab, Homebox, Pro Grow and Homelab. All the different brands of grow tents are available in a variety of sizes.

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Gorilla Grow Hydroponic Tent GGT33 - 91CM x 91CM x (213CM - 244CM)
Gorilla Grow Hydroponic Tent GGT59 - 152CM x 274CM x (213CM - 244CM)
Gorilla Grow Hydroponics Tent GGT225 - 61 x 76 x (183-213)CM | Infrared Blocking
Gorilla Grow Hydroponics Tent GGT24 - 61 x 122 x (213-244)CM | Infrared Blocking
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ100 | 1M x 1M x 2M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ60+ | 0.6M x 0.6M x 1.6M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ80+ | 0.8M x 0.8M x 1.8M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AR120 | 1.2M x 0.9M x 1.8M
Homebox HomeLab Indoor Portable Grow Tent - HL120 V2.0 | 1.2 x 1.2 x 2M

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