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Hydro Experts offer the complete line grow tents and accessories.  It’s never been easier to build your own greenhouse for indoor gardening that’s so effective and affordable. Hydro Experts stock hydroponics grow tents from many award wining brands like Mammoth, Gorilla, Homebox, Homelab, Growlab, and Jungle Room. SHOP NOW! for the best grow tent brand at unbeatable price.


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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ100 | 1M x 1M x 2M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ120 | 1.2M x 1.2M x 2M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ200 | 2M x 2M x 2M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ240 | 2.4M x 2.4M x 2M | (Part A+B)
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ60 | 0.6M x 0.6M x 1.2M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ80+ | 0.8M x 0.8M x 1.8M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AR120 | 1.2M x 0.9M x 1.8M
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Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AR240 | 2.4M x 1.2M x 2M
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HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q100 | 100 x 100 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
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HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q240 | 240 x 240 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent | (Part A+B)
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Homebox HomeLab (GrowLab) Indoor Portable Grow Tent - GL145 V2.0 | 1.45x1.45x2M

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Gorilla Grow Tents are the best selling grow tents in the world. In the short time since the company's conception in 2011, it has arguably produced the best grow tents available on the market. Their aim was to create the thickest, strongest and most durable grow tent available, while not compromising on size or safety. The Gorilla tents are also designed to reduce sound, be odor proof and with great insulation to make it easier to maintain optimal growing temperatures. ...

HOMEbox Product Lines represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving. The result is HOMEbox Ambient and Vista – our most advanced portable grow tents to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market. All Vista grow tents are fitted with a solid removable waterproof base in addition to the familiar line ...

Over many years, the Jungle Room Indoor Harvest System has been perfected to achieve the optimum, self-contained, tropical rainforest ecosystem delivered in an indoor space. Experienced and new hydroponics gardeners alike can enjoy optimal plant growth, without the hassle and waste of configuring their space themselves. In addition, the Jungle Room system is simple and fast to pop and down, with steel construction and quality materials containing any wasted light, possible spills or nutrient odour, in a range of different sized ...

Method Seven technology blends incredible colour balancing for each of the standards grow lighting spectrums (HPS, Metal Halide, LED, Sun) with exceptionally high-quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity. Additionally, Method Seven protection removes all harmful UV A/B rays like most others but additionally also removes harmful UVC rays which are filtered out of sunlight by the upper atmosphere but pose a significant hazard under grow lighting. ...


We asked two experienced growers (Dan from Oregon and Fred from The Netherlands) to face off with their different opinions on how to calculate your fan requirements. Whose method do you think is the best? Dan's Method - Calculating By Room Volume You will find many calculations on the web for sizing a fan for venti ...

Hydro Experts is providing customers with high-quality products at unbeatable prices. They do this by avoiding the "middleman" and importing directly from overseas factories purchasing in bulk from local suppliers. The products they sell online are the same as you'd find at your hydroponics retail store - only with prices much lower. By keeping overheads down, they can pass savings on to you and focus on providing excellent customer service. We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of Hydro Experts products such as Grow Tent, Ballast, Herb Grinder, and many more ...

Mammoth Tents are the pioneers in mobile climate rooms. Mammoth tents are designed in Holland to strict specifications to ensure premium quality. The highly reflective Mylar inner ensures light reflection ratings up to 95% and every tent has a strong steel frame with 16mm tubes. Mammoth Tents offer every possible option to suit growers from the novice to the advanced. And a tent to suit every budget. Quality assured with dual stitching, highly reflective & durable mylar, strong framing with plastic p ...

Author: Eric Hopper   Date Posted: 21 September 2017  

Q: I’m about to buy my first grow tent. What sort of lighting system is best? And how many lights do I actually need? A: High-intensity discharge lights, including metal halide and high-pressure sodium, are still the most commonly used lighting systems in grow tents. However, many growers have been turning to fluorescents or LEDs with great success. Although grow tents differ from a typical growroom in a few ways, the same basic principles for lighting requirements still app ...

Author: Grubby cup   Date Posted: 1 November 2017  

Takeaway : A grow tent is a handy piece of equipment that can turn any kind of indoor space into a garden. But before you get growing in one, Grubbycup has some advice to follow to ensure your first grow tent journey is a successful one. Grow tents are a co ...

Author: Grubby cup from Maximum Yield   Date Posted: 19 December 2017  

Takeaway: Plants that use the duration of their dark periods to signal flowering are said to be subject to photoperiodism and are classified as either ‘short day’ or ‘long day’ plants . Grubbycup explains how using this knowledge allows for plant growth manipulation. In photoperiodistic plants, specialized photoreceptors ca ...