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With extensive industry experience and collaborations with numerous growers and store owners over the years, Emerald Harvest paid close attention to your needs. The message is unmistakable: the majority of growers seek a concise range of nutrients that harness the finest aspects of both science and nature. They want a user-friendly feeding regimen that yields professional-grade results. This is precisely what Emerald Harvest delivers.

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Emerald Harvest was born in 2015 in the heart of Santa Rosa, California, driven by industry veterans boasting decades of experience. After years of attentive listening to the needs and aspirations of the growing community, our mission became clear: to empower cultivators with top-tier yields, delivering substantial profits at an accessible price point, all while eliminating the mess, hassle, and waste often associated with alternative nutrient lines. The outcome? Our meticulously formulated, science-backed premium base nutrients and supplements, are meticulously tailored for hydroponic plant cultivation.

  • Proudly headquartered in Santa Rosa, California.
  • Established by industry experts with extensive experience.
  • Nutrient solutions crafted with the grower's success in mind.