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All AutoPot systems allow each plant to determine their own water requirements, taking away the guesswork for optimal plant growing conditions. The unique wet - dry watering cycle is created by the use of a 'Smart-Valve'. The Smart-Valve restricts the flow of water (or nutrient) into the tray until it has nearly fully drained. At this time, the smart valve opens and allows fresh water to fill the tray again. This wet - dry cycle is similar to what occurs in nature with rainfall and the dry periods in between. There is no need for pumps, as each AutoPot system uses a simple gravity feed method, and the range of applications AutoPotcan be used in is immense - from a single plant to huge commercial situations.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of AutoPot products such as Hydrotray single module, Hydropak Starter Kit of different pots of 2 pots and 8 pots.


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