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Fabric Pots

Fabric pots are a great way to keep your plants healthy and growing strong. They're made of breathable cloth, which allows for more airflow around the root system, resulting in faster plant growth.

Top 5 Reasons to use Fabric Pots

  • Fabric pots aerate the soil better, due to the porous nature of the fabric material.
  • The superior drainage of fabric pots means that you’ll never have to worry about overwatering or root rot.
  • Air pruning of roots in a fabric pot encourages more beneficial bacteria, which leads to healthier plants.
  • A cooler root zone is essential for heat-sensitive plants. Fabric pots provide this insulation and protection.
  • Most fabric pots are flush friendly and can be machine-washed when they get dirty making them extremely easy to care for!
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The benefits of using air pruning pots for hydroponics

Air pruning pots for hydroponics have many benefits. They help improve the aeration of the root zone, resulting in healthier plants. Additionally, they can help reduce water and nutrient requirements and lower the overall maintenance costs of a hydroponic system.

Air pruning also encourages lateral root growth, which results in a more robust and extensive root system. Ultimately, this leads to healthier plants that are better able to uptake nutrients and withstand stressors.

Air pruning pots & Fabric pots

There are two main types of air pruning pots: plastic pots and fabric pots.

  • Plastic pots are the more common type and are often made from recycled materials. They typically have drainage holes in the bottom and sides to allow for excess water to escape.
  • Fabric pots are made from breathable fabric, such as canvas or burlap. They often have reinforced seams and handles for easy transport. Fabric pots can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, but they are especially well-suited for hot or humid climates where evaporation is a concern.

When choosing an air pruning pot, it is important to consider the size of the plant that will be grown in it. Pots that are too small may restrict root growth, while pots that are too large may result in excessive water and nutrient requirements.

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