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Clone & Seedling Grow Lights

Hydro Experts offers a wide selection of top-quality grow lights designed for cloning and raising seedlings. Whether you need a clone grow light, seedling grow light, CFL grow light, fluorescent grow light, or LED propagation light, we have the solution that fits your needs. Our Spider Farmer, Luxx, Hortitek Growsaber, SanLight, Flexstar, and Mojow Cow grow lights provide the perfect combination of spectrum, intensity and duration to help your cuttings and seedlings thrive.
Our clone grow lights provide the low-intensity lighting required during the rooting phase of cuttings. They feature wavelengths that promote cell division and root development in clones. Seedling grow lights deliver higher light levels suited for young plants that are just emerging from the soil. They generate light intensities of 3000-5000 lumens to spur vegetative growth and photosynthesis in seedlings. Our CFL and fluorescent grow lights are affordable options for propagation and cloning, while our LED propagation lights offer greater efficiencies and customized spectrums tailored for cloning and raising seedlings. 

Whether you need a clone grow light for cuttings or a seedling grow light for young plants, Hydro Experts has the propagation and cloning grow light solution that will give your plants the best possible start. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find the right grow light for cloning and raising seedlings.

Clone & Seedling Grow Lights by Category

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Luxx Clone LED - 2 x 18W Strips | IP66 Waterproof | 9000K



Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light - 2 x 18W Strips | 9000K


Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light -  2 x 9W Strips | 9000K