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The Airgarden is an aeroponic vertical garden that makes it simple for anyone to grow farm-fresh produce at home, with no green thumb required. Their mission is to make gardening simple for everyone, reduce food waste and improve health & well-being.

Why grow with Airgarden in your school?

Hands-on learning

  • Engage your students with a hands-on, project-based learning experience.

Grow in the classroom

  • Grow where the learning happens, whether that's in a classroom, lab, or garden.

Better results, less work

  • The Airgarden eliminates common fail-points like pests, soil and watering.

Promote health

  • Students learn first-hand about the benefits of healthy eating.

ACARA aligned lessons

  • Support learning with 70+ Australian curriculum-aligned lesson plans and resources.

Shop Air Garden Aeroponic vertical system at Hydro Experts.

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