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Viparspectra uses LED lights in the full spectrum (440nm – 730nm, 3000K, 7500K), so you can grow your plants until budding without switching lights. Viparspectra manufactures two series: dimmable and reflector lights. Underneath these two series are a number of grow lights, all with their own useful features that we’ll talk about later. They have a three-year warranty and 30-day return no hassle guarantee.

Viparspectra manufactures two different series, each suited for different needs. The reflector series comes with built-in reflectors that direct the light to your plant canopy. This model is often used by beginners because it easily penetrates the plant canopy and you offers the full spectrum of light (you don’t need to manually be in charge). All the models in this series have a vegetative/bloom switch, an aluminium heat sink and 4.72” fans. Models include 300w, 450w, 600w, 900w, and 1200w.

The dimmable series gives you more control over the spectrum of your lights. You can dim these three channels: red, blue and white. These are frequently used by more advanced growers who know exactly which spectrum is needed during each growth stage. All the models in this series have yoyo light hangers, 0.8” aluminium heat sinks, 3.2” front fans and a 6’ power cord. Models include  450w, 600w, 700w, and 1200w.

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