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AC & EC Fan Controllers

Find the perfect AC and EC fan controllers to meet your needs at Hydro Experts. Whether you prefer SMSCOM, Ruck, Phresh Hyperfan Easy Fan Controller V2, Can Fan Satllite Controller or Global Air Supplies fan controllers, we have the widest selection of AC fan controllers and EC fan controllers available. Our AC fan controllers allow you to easily control and adjust the speed of your exhaust fans, maximizing efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, EC fan controllers provide variable speed control of electronically commutated fans for precise airflow and temperature regulation. 

Our AC and EC fan controllers offer various benefits including energy savings, noise reduction, simplified installation and programming, and more precise environmental control. They consist of either wall-mounted or stand-alone speed controllers that adjust the rotational speed of fans by regulating voltage. This allows you to customize the fan speed based on your specific needs for things like temperature, air circulation and humidity. 

Browse our extensive collection of top-rated fan controllers from trusted brands. Whether you need an AC fan controller, EC fan controller or both, Hydro Experts has the solutions to meet your commercial or residential application needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts about choosing the right fan controller for your project.

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When setting up an indoor garden, air circulation and exhaust are just as important to your overall plant’s health as water and light. A successful gardener can use airflow to control temperature and humidity, which will help prevent disease and eliminate hot spots. So…what’s the best way to set up your exhaust? Keep in mind that hot air r ...

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Hydroponic fan controllers can be used to control fans, lights, and other equipment in your grow room. They allow you to set specific temperatures and humidity levels, and they will automatically adjust the fans and other equipment to maintain those levels. This can help you to save money on energy costs, and it can also help to keep your plants healthy.

Fan controllers are available in both digital and analog models. Digital models are more precise, and they allow you to set more specific parameters. Analog models are less expensive, but they may not be as precise.

If you are looking for a way to improve your hydroponic growth operation, a fan controller is a great investment. They are affordable and easy to use, and they can help you to get better results from your plants.

Hydro Experts stock top brands like Autogrow, Can-Fan, Phresh Hyperfan, Pro Leaf, SMSCOM, and Trolmaster.