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Bluelab's product range of pH meters and pH controllers measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature. They're used worldwide in a wide range of applications from home-based hydroponics through to the most demanding of commercial food-growing environments.

At Hydro Experts, we stock a wide range of Bluelabs products including:

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wifi | pH EC Temperature Monitor


Bluelab Guardian Monitor - Measures EC PPM TDS CF PH Temp | AC Powered


Bluelab Digital Conductivity (EC PPM TDS) Pen

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

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Bluelab pH Probe KCI Storage Solution - 120ML / 250ML


Bluelab pH Controller Wifi | Auto pH Adjustments


Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter - 3 in 1


Bluelab Digital pH & Temperature Pen - Portable | Reliable | Easy to Calibrate

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EC stands for Electrical Conductivity and PPM stands for Parts Per Million. Both terms are used to determine the nutrient levels of water within your hydroponic system. Whether you're new to hydroponics or have been growing hydroponically for years, it's important to keep up with your nu ...

Now, let’s get down to it by understanding and accepting a couple of key points and rules of thumb. 1. Start To begin, herbaceous root systems require near 100% humidity , ideally, at all times, otherwise the root tips die back. The root tip is the very s ...

What is pH? pH (short for potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of acidity and its opposite, alkalinity in a solution. Neutral pH is 7.0 pH. Acidity measures below seven pH (7.0pH) with alkalinity measuring above it (7.0pH). ...

What is conductivity? Conductivity (measured in ppm, EC, TDS, CF) is the total soluble salts contained within a liquid solution. Pure water does not contain salts, so it has a conductivity measurement of zero. By adding soluble elements to the water, electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a conductivity rating. ...

Although there are ideal EC values for each plant type, this does not mean that a range of plants, all technically requiring different strength nutrients, cannot be grown in a home situation together. The grower simply lists the range of EC values and picks an average value. For most home systems this value is between 1.2EC and 2.0EC depending upon the requirements of the predominant crop types ...

Watch how to prepare the Bluelab Guardian Monito ...

In the world of beer, one ingredient reigns supreme: hops. The modern craft brewing movement has been led by hop innovators in many ways, and yet it re ...

Q: Why is pH Measurement Important?

A: All plants require a well-balanced diet of nutrients to reach their full potential. The pH (potential Hydrogen) of your nutrient solution plays a crucial role in making these essential elements available to your plants. This is why regular pH measurement is essential; if your growing medium becomes too alkaline or too acidic, your plants won't be able to access the nutrients they need.

Whether you're in search of the best pH meter for hydroponics or need to test soil pH, we offer a range of pH meters to help you accurately measure pH levels. Our product selection includes handheld pH pens, automated pH controllers, and wall-mounted monitors.

Q: How to Calibrate Your pH Meter

A: Calibrating Bluelab's pH meters is a straightforward process. Our user-friendly calibration method guarantees that your pH measurements stay precise. If you're using your pH meter regularly, it's important to calibrate it more frequently.

Our calibration process involves two simple steps. After cleaning your pH probe with our pH care kit, you'll calibrate your meter using pH calibration solutions at two reference standards - 4.0 and 7.0 pH. Once calibrated, you can immediately resume pH measurements. Recalibration is necessary when you clean your pH probe and receive a calibration alert from your meter.

Q: Why Opt for Automated pH Control?

A: While many pH meters require manual pH testing and adjustment, pH automation takes care of this task automatically. Our pH controllers not only monitor your reservoir but also make pH level adjustments when measurements deviate from your desired pH range.

Automating pH management not only saves you time and effort but also creates a stable environment conducive to plant growth. Furthermore, you can monitor pH levels conveniently and remotely. When utilizing Bluelab's Connect range, you can easily check your system's pH levels on your mobile device and adjust settings from your computer.