Bluelab's product range of pH meters and pH controllers and nutrient meters and controllers, measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature. They're used worldwide in applications from home-based hydroponics through to the most demanding of commercial food-growing environments. Bluelab has a range of products suitable for measuring the pH level in nutrient solution or soils. Have a look at the range by application (intended use) or view the pH pen, soil pH pen, pH meter and soil pH meter to see which might be best for you.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of pH Meters & Controllers such as BlueLab Digital pH & Temperature Pen, Bluelab Probe Care Kit, Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab Grower's Toolbox, Auto pH adjust controller, Bluelab guardian monitor connect, Bluelab Soil pH Pen, Connect Stick USB, pH probe inline, and many more.

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Bluelab pH Probe In-line

Bluelab pH Probe In-line

Save 12%
Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

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Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH & EC

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH & EC

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