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Plant Tissue Culture

Discover the wonders of plant tissue culture with Hydro Expert's comprehensive Athena Tissue Culture Kits and Media. Our kits provide everything you need to propagate plants using micropropagation techniques in vitro, allowing you to create thousands of genetically identical clones from a single plant. 

The Athena Tissue Culture Kit includes an Athena Shoots Culture Media for culturing explants taken from the shoot tips of plants and an Athena Roots Culture Media formulation designed to induce root growth from cultured shoots. Also included is an Athena VPDome to maintain optimal humidity for explants and an Athena Utility Vessel for housing the cultures. 

For long-term culture maintenance, upgrade to an Athena Culture Vessel equipped with a port for media changes without disturbing the plants. Additional replacement glassware such as test tubes and flasks can be purchased separately along with an Athena HEPA Replacement Filter to ensure sterile conditions. 

Our high-quality tissue culture products and media formulations have been optimized to support the growth of a wide variety of plants commonly propagated using micropropagation, including orchids, houseplants, fruit trees, and more. Hydro Expert's comprehensive selection of plant tissue culture supplies and equipment provides everything you need to start or expand your own micropropagation lab.

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Culture Kit allows you to store and preserve all your cultivars in a very small space.

The Athena® Tissue Culture Procedure reinvigorates old genetics and cleans plant material to outgrow infections like the hop latent viroid (HLV).

Genetics are the foundation of our culture. Protect them.


Q: What is Plant Tissue Culture?

A: Plant Tissue Culture is the process of cultivating plants from specific tissues of a desired plant in an artificial nutrient medium within a controlled environment. The resulting plants are genetically identical to the parent plant in all respects.

Q: What are the pros of Plant Tissue Culture?

A: Pros of Plant Tissue Culture include"

  • Tissue culture plants are vigorous and grow faster than conventionally propagated plants.
  • They exhibit a high degree of uniformity in comparison to traditionally grown plants.
  • Tissue culture plantlets are free from diseases and pathogens.
  • It allows for the propagation of plants that are challenging to grow through cuttings or traditional methods.
  • Tissue culture plants yield better results as they are produced under optimal conditions from carefully selected mother plants.

Q: What are the cons of Plant Tissue Culture?

A: Cons of Plant Tissue Culture include:

  • It can be expensive due to the need for specialized labour, equipment, and processes.
  • The process is slower compared to standard propagation methods.

Q: Which crops are commercially propagated through Plant Tissue Culture?

A: Crops that are commercially propagated through Plant Tissue Culture include banana, sugarcane, potato, bamboo, ginger, apple, black pepper, citrus, vanilla, anthurium, teak, strawberry, lily, cardamom, mangium, gerbera, fig, jatropha, carnation, grape, turmeric, orchids, and more.

Q: Do tissue culture plants yield better than conventional plants?

A: Yes, tissue culture plants have the potential to yield better results than conventional plants if proper cultivation practices are followed. Their uniformity, vigour, and disease-free nature contribute to improved yields when managed correctly.