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Hydro Experts CO2 Blast - Last Upto 2 Weeks | Maximize Yields with CO2

SKU: CO2G70011


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Each 2-kilogram bag efficiently provides a constant concentration of 1300 PPM (parts per million) of carbon dioxide to an enclosed area measuring 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters by 2 meters.

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Unlock the secret to supercharged plant growth with Hydro Experts' CO2 Blast!

This revolutionary Hydro Experts CO2 supplement is your ticket to maximizing yields and cultivating vibrant, thriving plants in your indoor garden. Designed to work seamlessly with our CO2 bags, CO2 Blast delivers a concentrated blast of carbon dioxide that your plants will devour, fueling explosive growth and lush foliage. Say goodbye to stagnant development and hello to a verdant oasis—CO2 Blast is the game-changing boost your plants have been craving. Simply activate the bottle and let the CO2 work its magic, nourishing your greenery for up to 2 weeks. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting your indoor gardening journey, CO2 Blast is the missing piece to unlock your plants' full potential and reap the bountiful harvests you deserve.


Maximized Growth Potential

CO2 supplementation acts as a catalyst for accelerated plant growth by providing the essential carbon dioxide element needed for photosynthesis. By enhancing CO2 levels in the cultivation environment, the product supercharges the photosynthetic process, allowing plants to more efficiently produce energy through carbon fixation. This results in expedited growth and robust, lush foliage that maximizes crop yields.

Enhanced Yield

CO2 Blast allows growers to maximize crop yields through optimized carbon dioxide levels. By boosting CO2 concentrations during cultivation, farmers can expect notable gains in produce size, quantity and quality. Rather than settling for average harvests, CO2 Blast empowers success by delivering an exceptional bounty of fruits, flowers and vegetables certain to satisfy even the most discerning agricultural professional.

Improved Plant Health & Yields

CO2 Blast provides plants with a consistent carbon dioxide supply that strengthens their overall health and vigour. A steady CO2 level boosts plant immunity, enabling them to better withstand stresses from pests, diseases, and changes in their environment. Rather than suffering from wilted or lacklustre growth, customers can expect their plants to thrive with robust, lively appearances thanks to the benefits of CO2 Blast.

User-Friendly Design

CO2 Blast is a simple and straightforward gardening product designed with ease of use in mind. The activation process and setup are hassle-free, making CO2 Blast suitable for growers of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned experts. The bottle merely needs to be hung and the CO2 release activated to watch as plants flourish—it's truly that effortless. Simplicity is the core function so all can focus on maximizing garden growth with minimum stress.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in CO2 Blast is not just an investment in your plants – it’s an investment in your future harvests. With its affordable price point and long-lasting effectiveness, CO2 Blast offers unbeatable value for money. Say goodbye to expensive supplements and complicated equipment – CO2 Blast is all you need to achieve remarkable results.

Refilling Your CO2 Blast Bottle

  • Step 1: Empty the Bottle, Remove the lid from your CO2 Blast bottle. Tip out all contents, ensuring the bottle is completely emptied.
  • Step 2: Clean the Bottle, Wash the bottle thoroughly with water to remove any residual mixture and ensure it's clean for the next use.
  • Step 3: Prepare the Refill, Pour the refill mixture into the clean CO2 Blast bottle. Add a Little bit of water back into the refill pouch and shake to capture any stubborn mixture that might have clung to its sides.
  • Step 4: Top Up, Add 750ml of water to the CO2 Blast bottle, filling it to the appropriate level to reactivate the CO2 Blast generation process.

By following these steps, your CO2 Blast will be ready to continue blasting Co2 in your grow tent, promoting healthier growth and increased yields.


In The Box

  • [1] x Hydro Experts CO2 Blast - Last Upto 2 Weeks | Maximize Yields with CO2

Instructions for Using CO2 Blast

Step 1: Prepare the Bottle

Unscrew the lid of your CO2 Blast bottle. Pour 750ml of water into the bottle to activate the CO2 Blast solution.

Step 2: Activate your CO2 Blast

Screw the lid back onto the bottle tightly. Open the flip-top cap on the lid to start Blasting CO2 into your grow tent.

Step 3: Optimal Placement

Hang the CO2 Blast bottle at the top of your grow tent, above the plant canopy. This ensures the most efficient CO2 Blast right where your plants can best absorb it.

Step 4: Daily CO2 Blast

Shake the bottle daily. This action reactivates the CO2 release mechanism, ensuring a fresh supply of CO2 is blasted to your plants each day, enhancing their growth and vitality.

Step 5: Regular Refill

Refill every two weeks: After 14, the CO2-generating mixture in your CO2 Blast bottle will be running low. Use one of our CO2 Blast Refill Packs to continue the CO2 Blasting process without interruption.

Step 6: Combine with Our CO2 Bags for Maximum Plant yields

Our CO2 bags are specifically designed to work in conjunction with our CO2 Blast for enhanced effectiveness. Using these two products together helps maintain consistent, optimal CO2 levels throughout your grow space, ensuring maximum plant growth and significantly increased yields.

Important Tips Ensure the bottle is securely hung and stable to prevent any accidents.

For optimal CO2 Blasting, install one CO2 Blast bottle for every 1.2m x 1.2m section of your grow space. This ensures each area receives a balanced and effective supply of CO2, enhancing plant growth uniformly throughout your grow tent.

By following these instructions, you'll ensure that your plants receive an effective CO2 Blast, promoting healthier growth and increased yields & harvests